Multistep Forms

Introduction to Creating Multi-Step Forms in Breakdance

In this tutorial, you’ll how to create multi-step forms using Breakdance’s form builder. This method is effective for collecting extensive information without overwhelming the users.

Setting Up Multi-Step Forms

Creating Steps

  1. Start with a form builder with your desired fields. This is optional – you can add new fields later as needed.
  2. Add a new field and select ‘Step’ as the type of field. It is located at the bottom of the options field type dropdown.
  3. Name the step field.
  4. Duplicate and rename this field for each step that you require in your form.

Organizing Fields into Steps

  1. Divide your fields among these steps by dragging them under the appropriate step label.
  2. For example, if you place a field underneath “Step 1” in the fields list, it will show in Step 1 in the form.

Benefits of Multi-Step Forms

Multi-step forms are an efficient way to collect detailed information from users. By dividing the form into several steps, it reduces the complexity and enhances user experience by not presenting too many fields at once.