Mouse Moves to Exit

Step 1: Create Your Popup

Begin by going to the WordPress admin panel, and then navigating to Breakdance > Popups. Click on Add Popup to create a new popup.

Step 2: Set Popup Location

Under Location, set the popup to appear everywhere. This setting ensures the popup is available on all pages of the site. Alternatively, you can narrow down where the popup appears if you only want to display on specific areas of your site.

Step 3: Define the Trigger

Under Popup Opens When, add a trigger. Select the trigger type as Mouse Moves to Exit. This setting will make the popup appear when the mouse movement suggests the user is about to leave the page.

Step 4: Design Your Popup

After adding the popup, hover over it and click Edit in Breakdance. You can then design your popup using various elements available in Breakdance.

Step 5: Save and Test

Once your popup design is complete, save the popup. Test it by visiting the front end of your website. The popup should display when the mouse moves towards the exit area of the browser window.