Anti-Spam with a Honeypot

Introduction to Preventing Spam in Forms

In this article, you’ll learn how to prevent spam in your forms using the built-in Honeypot option.

Understanding the Honeypot Field

What is a Honeypot Field?

The Honeypot field is an invisible field that is only visible to bots. This means that when bots automatically fill in this field, they give away the fact that they are not real users. It’s a very effective method for preventing spam in your forms.

Implementing the Honeypot Field

Adding the Honeypot Field to Your Form

  1. Select your form builder in the preview.
  2. In the properties panel on the left side, expand the advanced section.
  3. Find and turn on the ‘Add Honeypot Field’ toggle.
  4. This action adds a hidden field to your form, named ‘hpinput’, to detect bots.

Inspecting the Honeypot Field

Upon inspection of the form, you’ll notice the ‘hp input’ field. While this field is invisible to human users, bots will see and fill it in, thus identifying themselves and allowing the system to prevent spam submissions.


By using the Honeypot field in Breakdance’s form builder, you can effectively reduce or eliminate spam submissions from bots, ensuring cleaner and more reliable form submissions.