Adding Elements

This article will guide you on how to add elements to your pages in Breakdance.

Step 1: Open the Add Panel

To add elements to your page, click either the plus icon in the design preview or the ‘Add’ button located at the top left of the Breakdance interface. Both icons perform the same function, so you can choose whichever one you prefer. Clicking on one of these will open up the ‘Add’ panel.

Step 2: Explore Available Elements

Within the ‘Add’ panel, you’ll find a list of all available elements you can add to your page. Breakdance comes equipped with a variety of elements sorted into categories. Here’s a quick breakdown of the available categories of elements:

  • Basic: This category includes the basic building blocks of web design, such as Sections, Divs, Text elements, and links.
  • Blocks: Blocks are more complex elements comprised of multiple parts. This category includes elements such as the Icon Box, Image Box, Checkbox List, and more.
  • Site
  • Advanced: The Advanced category includes more advanced elements such as the Advanced Slider, Advanced Accordion, Global Block, and more.
  • Dynamic: Dynamic elements are used to display data from the site or currently viewed post. Included in this category are elements such as Post Title, Post Meta, and Breadcrumbs.
  • Forms: Here you’ll find the Form elements Breakdance offers, such as the Form Builder, Login Form, and Register Form.
  • WooCommerce: This category is only available if you have WooCommerce installed. It includes elements that allow you to customize all aspects of your WooCommerce store’s appearance, including product loops and more.

Simply scroll down the ‘Add’ panel and expand the categories to see all the different elements you can add to your page.

Step 3: Add Elements to Your Page

To add an element to your page, simply click on it within the ‘Add’ panel or click & drag it into the canvas.

Step 4: Using the Search Function

If you’re looking for a specific type of element, you can use the search function in the ‘Add’ panel. Click on the ‘Search Elements’ text box and type in the element you’re looking for.

For example, if you’re looking to add an image, type ‘image’ in the search box. The search function will display all image-related elements for you.

This tutorial covered the basics of adding elements to your page using Breakdance. Enjoy enhancing your pages with a multitude of elements to achieve your desired design and functionality.