Content Controls


Modify and choose which parts of the author’s details to display, such as their image, name, biography, and associated links.

  • Image – Toggle to display or hide the author’s image.
  • Name – Toggle to display or hide the author’s name.
  • Biography – Toggle to showcase or hide the author’s brief bio.
  • All Posts Link – Toggle to include or exclude a link to all of the author’s posts.
  • All Posts Link Text – Specify the display text for the “All Posts” link. (Available only when the All Posts Link is enabled)
  • Website Link – Toggle to display or hide the author’s personal website link.
  • Website Link Text – Designate the display text for the website link. (Available only when the Website Link is enabled)
  • Name HTML Tag – Choose the HTML tag for the author’s name for semantic and SEO purposes. (Available only when the Name is enabled)
  • Link On Name & Image – Decide how the author’s name and image should be linked.

Design Controls


Style the container that wraps around the author element. Adjust its dimensions, background, borders, and internal spacing.

  • Width – Define the container’s width.
  • Background – Choose a background color for the container.
  • Borders – Style the borders of the container.
    • Radius – Adjust the roundedness of the container’s corners.
    • Styling – Refine the appearance and thickness of the borders.
    • Shadow – Add a shadow effect to the container.
  • Padding – Determine the spacing between the container’s edge and its content.
    • Padding – Fine-tune the specific padding values for each side.


Configure how the author’s details are arranged within the container. Align the content and set the image’s position.

  • Image Position – Decide the placement of the author’s image relative to other content.
  • Top At – Specify when the image should stack on top. (Available only for certain image positions)
  • Alignment – Align the entire author block within the container.


Modify the display size and shape of the author’s image within the element.

  • Size – Adjust the dimensions of the author’s image.
  • Border Radius – Set the roundedness of the image’s corners.


Customize the appearance and text of the links associated with the author, such as links to their posts and personal website.


Customize the typography of the author’s name and biography.


Control spacing around individual elements of the Author card, as well as space above and below the Author details container.