Global Typography

Create Global Typography Presets in Breakdance

This guide demonstrates how to create global typography presets, allowing for consistent text styling across your website.

Creating a New Typography Preset

Accessing Global Settings

  1. Open the Settings Menu in Breakdance.
  2. Navigate to Global Settings > Typography > Presets.

Adding a New Preset

  1. Click ‘Add Preset’.
  2. Name the preset (e.g., ‘Big Heading’).
  3. Choose a font family (e.g., ‘Brie Serif’).
  4. Set the font size (e.g., 80 pixels) and weight (e.g., 700).

Using the Preset

  1. Select a text element like a heading or basic text.
  2. In the design options, go to ‘Typography’.
  3. Select ‘Preset’ and choose the created preset from the dropdown.

Modifying the Preset

Changes made to the preset in the global settings will automatically update all instances where the preset is used.