Why are agencies & developers switching to Breakdance?

See how you can supercharge your workflow with the best visual builder for 2023 and beyond.

With the superb toolset this will be a serious go-to for developers and agencies.

Kevin Nicholson
Creative Professional

Breakdance is client-friendly

Breakdance is so easy to use you'll probably be comfortable letting your clients use it directly. If not, you can enable "client mode" which will allow your client to edit text and change images without affecting the design.

I set up a site to play with Breakdance and had a complete web novice with me, watching, as part of my test of Breakdance. I am so impressed by how easy this is to use, and how powerful. It even made sense to the novice.

Avril Roy-Smith
Creative Professional

Awesome Dynamic Data functionality

Build advanced dynamic websites without code. 

Post Loop Builder

Use Breakdance to design loops for any custom post type.

Conditional Element Display

Show or hide elements based on the value of any dynamic data.

Repeater Fields

ACF & Metabox repeater fields are supported with infinite levels of nesting.

"Before Breakdance, I was using Elementor for dynamic website builds, with some combo of Ele Custom Skin, PowerPack and Dynamic.ooo add-ons to get the job done. However Breakdance has all this functionality built in, which is a huge game changer. I will be using Breakdance for all new client builds in the future."

Ian Choi
Creative Professional

Start building incredible websites today

  • Use on unlimited sites
  • Use on websites you build for clients
  • Premium support

Mega Menus in single click

Build entirely custom responsive mega menu dropdowns in Breakdance. Build sticky and overlay headers in one click.

After spending far too much time mucking about with React and build scripts to create custom Gutenberg blocks for a client project I decided to try Breakdance after hearing about Element Studio. Let me just say this: Element Studio is amazing. Both me and client prefer the Breakdance interface anyway so I'm now using Breakdance for the whole project.

Dean P
Creative Professional

Extend Breakdance with Element Studio

Create your own builder elements visually.
Developers, developers, developers

Unleash your inner developer

Write PHP code live in the builder. Extend Breakdance with easy-to-use developer APIs.

PHP Code Block

Write PHP code directly in the builder and see the result live. No saving, refreshing, or uploading.

Developer APIs

Create custom conditions, form actions, and dynamic data points, and more.

WP_Query With PHP

Posts List, Post Loop Builder, etc. can accept raw PHP query arguments. You can write this PHP directly in Breakdance.

"It's a great balance between the simplicity of Elementor for non-developers but with the power features of Oxygen for those that want them."

Nick Flowers
Creative Professional
Work smarter, not harder

Build faster with the ultimate workflow

Near-instant builder load time, searchable panels, and keyboard shortcuts keep you moving quickly.

Searchable Panels

Quickly find what you're looking for with the keyboard.

Revision History

Easily see changes to your pages and browse through and restore old versions.

Copy & Paste

Right-click or use the keyboard shortcut to copy and paste elements.

Cross-Site Copy & Paste

Copy and paste elements across pages or even to a different Breakdance website.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Accomplish common tasks in Breakdance using the keyboard.

Undo & Redo

Use the toolbar buttons or the keyboard shortcut to undo and redo changes to your page.

Migration Friendly

Easily export and import elements, settings, and more to another Breakdance website. A URL replacement tool for migrations is built-in.

Cross-Page Workflow

Import elements from other page into the page you are currently editing without leaving the page.

"I like the short time needed to build really solid sites. You’ve created something amazing. Thanks for all of your hard work and listening to the community."

Avril Roy-Smith
Creative Professional

Create your own component library

Create your own component libraries and design sets and share them across websites.

"I can get the exact design I want without the need to add custom CSS or JS."

Joe Williams
Creative Professional

Make it pop with pro-level design features

Flexbox layout engine. Animations. Link effects. CSS transforms and filters. Support for any 3rd party font provider. Infinite-stop gradients. Text effects. And much more.

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