Breakdance AI Beta Now Available

May 14, 2023

Breakdance 1.3 Beta 2

Breakdance 1.3 Beta 2 is now available.

Login to the customer portal to download Breakdance 1.3 beta 2.

For an overview of new features coming to 1.3, read the original blog post announcing 1.3.


  • fix licensing errors for “Free Year For Oxygen Users” in Breakdance 1.3 Beta 1
  • don’t disable update_post_metadata_cache on save – this will result in increased memory usage, but prevent various bugs with SEO plugins that rely on this hook
  • form builder – fix min/max attributes on date fields
  • breakpoints – improve editing custom breakpoints
  • popups – fix has taxonomy condition
  • query builder – better handling of empty ACF relationship fields
  • privacy – only send “delete cookies” cookies once
  • columns – fix background image responsive size
  • gradient picker – fix crashes, general polish
  • hide by breakpoint – fix invalid CSS
  • metabox – fix various PHP/IO-TS errors in Breakdance when fields are added to a non-existent settings page in Metabox, or no settings pages are selected in the UI
  • safari compat – prevent crash due to unsupported regexp syntax
  • dynamic data – fix ACF Image, Gallery and Repeater fields not working when they are a child of an ACF Group Field
  • conditions – remove unnecessary requirement for global product in purchased product condition
  • add polyfill for php8.1 array_is_list function
  • facet plugin integrations – show facet controls for Shop Page element
  • make Advanced Accordion Work In Posts Loop
  • Login Form – fix “Remember me” toggle hiding “Forgot Password”
  • Video – add playsinline attribute to all videos
  • Video – force lightweight vimeo to have a text align of left to prevent video and thumbnail being positioned out of viewport when inheriting text-align from container
  • Products List – fix vertical Filter Bar
  • Tooltip element – polish
  • Global Gradients – polish
  • Posts List – disable pagination if Isotope is enabled
  • Menu – bottom position polish
  • Swiper – fix backwards compatibility for Space Between Items changes
  • Countdown Timer – fix crash on save when divider is used
  • FAQ – don’t show error message when changing title tag
  • Product Loop Builder – support sliders inside
  • Variation swatch integrations polish
  • Facets – fix facets not working with Products List element

The above is a mostly complete list of fixes and tweaks in 1.3 Beta 2. Some fixes are for bugs present in 1.2, and some are for regressions only present in 1.3 Beta 1. Please consult the bug tracker for details.

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