Breakdance AI Beta Now Available

March 14, 2023

Breakdance 1.3 Alpha 1 Is Now Available

Breakdance 1.3 is a huge release that includes many highly-requested features, as well as a large number polishing items, tweaks, and small enhancements. Here are a few of the most prominent changes and features coming to Breakdance 1.3.

All the below features are available now in Breakdance 1.3 alpha 1. Login to the customer portal to download it, or read on to find out what’s new in this release.

WooCommerce Custom Product Loops

Create custom product loops using the Custom Area option added to the Products List, Shop Page, and other similar elements. This unlocks unlimited possibilities for custom product loops, allowing you to completely customize the layout of your lists of WooCommerce products.

Vertical Menus & Vertical Mega Menus

Build sidebar menus, footer menus, and more with Breakdance's new vertical layout option for the WP Menu and Menu Builder elements.

Accessibility Enhancements

Many of our elements received accessibility tweaks, including our WP Menu and Menu Builder elements which received an extensive accessibility-focused overhaul, making them easier to use for screen reader and keyboard users.

Isotope Filtering

Enable beautiful Isotope filtering for any post loop element in one click. Filter by categories, tags, product attributes, custom taxonomies, and more.

Query Builder Meta Queries

Now you can perform advanced meta queries using Breakdance's query builder, no code required. Single level meta queries & complex, nested meta queries are all possible in just a few clicks.

WooCommerce Conditions

We've added a number of powerful WooCommerce-specific conditions such as Stock Status, Stock Quantity, On Sale, Cart Quantity, Cart Value, Customer Order Count, Customer Total Spend, and many more. Some can be used in the Query Builder, and some can be used to show or hide elements.

Native SVG Uploads

Now you can enable SVG uploads via Breakdance's settings. Advanced users no longer need to install third-party plugins just to allow you to use SVG assets on your Breakdance site.

Advanced Accordion Element

Build fully custom accordion layouts with the new Advanced Accordion element. Add other elements inside the Advanced Accordion for highly specialized layouts & better user engagement.

Global Gradients

Create a palette of gradients in your Global Settings and then reuse them everywhere in your design in one click. Changing a Global Gradient will change the gradient everywhere it's been used, saving you hours of editing time.

WooCommerce Variation Swatch Integrations

Breakdance 1.3 adds native integrations and built-in styling options for the plugins "Variation Swatches for WooCommerce" and "Variation Swatches for WooCommerce by CartFlows."

Tooltip Element

Add Tooltips to anything in Breakdance with the Tooltip element. This element acts as a container, allowing you to insert any Breakdance element inside of it. On the front-end, your custom tooltip will be shown when anything inside the Tooltip element is hovered.

FacetWP Integration

Add the FacetWP Facet element to enable powerful, visual filtering for any post loop element in Breakdance.

GridbuilderWP Integration

Add the GridbuilderWP Facet element to enable powerful, visual filtering for any post loop element in Breakdance.

Query Builder Sort By ACF / Meta Box

Sort your post loops by ACF or Meta Box field values using Breakdance 1.3 and the visual query builder.

File Upload Field

Breakdance's already powerful native Form Builder now includes a File Upload field.

ACF Group Field Support

Breakdance now fully supports Advanced Custom Fields' Group Field type. Organize your fields beautifully while rendering their contents in Breakdance.

Meta Box Settings Page Support

Breakdance also now includes full support for Meta Box Settings Pages. Give clients the ultimate experience with Meta Box and Breakdance.

That’s not all. We also made a ton of small enhancements to existing features & functionalities.

Front-end scripts now deferred
Bottom position for Header Builder
Section Width placement for Menu Builder dropdowns
Style active state for Menu Builder links
Accessibility improvements for FAQ, Form Builder, Search Form, Tabs, Mini Cart, and more
Improved onboarding flow
Front Page template location
80+ other tweaks, enhancements, and fixes


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