Thousands of sites are already using Breakdance.  Here are a few testimonials.

Breakdance is a powerful yet lightweight plugin that allows you to create beautifully designed & highly optimized websites in little time. The builder is easy to use and integrates with Gutenberg for content editing. There's a lot you can do with Breakdance and Soflyy did a great job developing it!

Justin Gluska

Thank you for your work with Breakdance. I finally have a builder that isn't missing anything. Keep it up! 👍

Scott Drost
Websites & Whatnot

With the superb toolset this will be a serious go-to for developers and agencies. Will be great to see this flourish.

Kevin Nicholson

Being a WordPress developer myself, and also being a fan of Elementor, I can tell that Breakdance is a huge step forward for high-performance websites.

Nazar Hotsa
Director of Business Development, WebHostingBuzz

Breakdance is lightning fast. I've found that even though the more advanced items take extra clicks to get to, it's so fast it ends up taking the same amount of time or LESS than doing the same edits on an Oxygen site.

Also, having advanced items hidden away is great for my clients who want to make basic edits and don't need to know those items even exist.

Nick Flowers

I jumped at it from the first announcement. I have used it constantly and truly I find it really refreshing compared to the stale Elementor.

Benjamin Emmanuel

Greater than I would even imagine.


This is the future. Been using Breakdance and it's better than Elementor in my opinion.

Bo Xoffisa

Breakdance is going to become a better version of Elementor.


If you're looking to quickly and easily build high-performing sites for your clients, Breakdance is a great option.

Sunny Trochaniak

Breakdance seems very well designed, with a large amount of features built-in, and rapidly pushing out new stuff. Also the team seems very responsive and ready to implement what is needed.

Dan Stanley

Build Websites Faster

Watch us build a WooCommerce website in 15 minutes.

It's a great balance between the simplicity of Elementor for non-developers but with the power features of Oxygen for those that want them.

Needless to say, everything's being built on Breakdance moving forward unless we specifically need Oxygen or Elementor for something.

Nick Flowers

Favourite features so far:

  1. It looks better than the other builders

  2. Element Studio

  3. Menu Builder

  4. Copy and Paste

  5. Conditions

  6. The number of elements you have. WTF!

  7. How quick it is to use

Diane Laidlaw

Get Breakdance

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I liked the experience, I loved the speed of the backend, and was pleased with the template system and some of the modules like Header Builder. You have a winner product and you'll be able to dominate the market.

Javier Marcilla

Fantastic that the forms come with conditional logic

Denis McCaul

This is certainly going to kick elementor off the top spot - fantastic builder that is so easy to use!

Ash from Archer Web Design.co.uk

Powerful. Time to say goodbye to Elementor.

Michael Kato

Menu Builder + WooCommerce are the best features in Breakdance. The rest of the elements are also fantastic. You have done a great job - keep up the amazing work.

Allwyn Jolly

I set up a site to play with Breakdance and had a complete web novice with me, watching, as part of my test of Breakdance. I am so impressed by how easy this is to use, and how powerful. It even made sense to the novice.

Avril Roy-Smith

I’ve recreated my agency site and built a few concepts to familiarize myself completely. I will likely use Breakdance for 75% of sites. I like the short time needed to build really solid sites, nice page speed, being able to adjust global padding by viewport size, the global settings in general, the wrapper portion to reduce the need for additional divs, great backend tools, nice templating system, really nice pre-built modules, and now the design set library. It also retains most of the things I like about Oxygen too.

You’ve created something amazing. Thanks for all of your hard work and listening to the community – it makes all the difference

Mike Childress

I did not have to read any documentation or watch any videos to start building. It was obvious from the start.

UI is very impressive and fast.

Web Dev Artur

I can get the exact design I want without the need to add custom CSS or JS.

Joe Williams
Tribe SEO

I was able to push out a basic hero in 15 minutes with complete responsive design.

I have tried my hand at other builders, and Breakdance is by absolute far the easiest to understand without any tutorials. 

Darryl Le Roux

Very impressed with my first look at the Breakdance.

Blocks have good uses for a lot of production websites.

Web Dev Artur

Powerful Dynamic Data

Integrations with Advanced Custom Fields, Toolset, and Metabox. 

I love the idea that Breakdance replaces so many plugins, avoiding Frankenstein WordPress installations.

Max Ziebell

I've recently ran a Google PageSpeed Insights comparison between the same page built in Elementor and Breakdance, both hosted on SiteGround. Overall it's a great product, and a fantastic starting point - already light years ahead of Elementor in terms of performance.

Thomas Ciullo

Powerful. Time to say goodbye to Elementor.

Michael Kato

Header Builder & Menu Builder... that combo is kickass!

Udoro 'Cracka' Essien

In all honesty, Breakdance is a better version of Elementor. As someone who is into affiliate marketing and eCommerce, I love Breakdance cuz it allows me to achieve great results with my branding very quickly.

This is the part where Breakdance beats all builders. I'm into creating content and branding. I don't need to waste time with technical stuff. I need a solution that allows me to build my brand in no time and very easy. And Breakdance offers that.

Lucky Bravo

"I am building my website with Breakdance. It's the first time I get 100/100 on Google PageSpeed Insights."

Georg Von Cederbörg
Web Creator

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