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Update - May 25 2024

Breakdance 2.0 is coming soon, and with that comes:
 - a special offer on Breakdance AI
 - a lower price if you're on the $299.99/yr plan 

For All Users:

Breakdance AI will be available soon, and you can upgrade to the Breakdance Pro Unlimited Sites + AI for the difference in price between that plan $249.99/yr and what you paid - not a penny more.

This is a significant discount from the list price for Breakdance AI ($79.99/yr for one site, $149.99 for unlimited sites). 

Details on the upgrade coming soon!

Currently on a plan that costs more than that? You're eligible for a discount and credit - see details below.

For $199.99/yr 10 site and $299.99/yr unlimited site users

If you purchased the $199.99/year 10 site plan, you've been automatically given a free upgrade to the unlimited site plan. Your price remains at $199.99/year.

If you purchased the $299.99/year unlimited site plan, you'll receive an email shortly with two choices:
 - change to the $199.99/year unlimited site plan (save $100/year)
 - change to the $249.99/year unlimited site + AI plan ($50/year less than your current plan, and includes AI)

You can make this plan change yourself by clicking License Keys above and then clicking View Upgrades.

Don't see the plan you want? Email and we'll upgrade you manually and lower your price.

You are eligible for a credit on your next renewal for the difference in price between what you paid ($299.99) and the current price of the plan you choose. Email to claim your credit.
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