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With 130+ razor-sharp elements, a cutting-edge UI & workflow, and unparalleled WooCommerce integrations, Breakdance transcends the limits of website building on WordPress. Welcome to the future!

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Built by creatives for creatives

Designed to meet the high demands of today's creative minds. Our no-code easy-to-use website builder empowers you to craft stunning projects tailored to your unique needs. Get ready to build websites faster, smarter, and more beautifully than ever before!


Unleash Your Creative Genius & Boost Client Demand

Hundreds of stunning templates await! Effortlessly customize each project and start charging premium rates as your freelance career dazzles and takes flight!

Business & Startups

Ignite Your Online Presence & Skyrocket Sales

Capture your brand's essence with Breakdance. Master styles and settings, crafting a seamless browsing experience that rockets your revenue!


Max Efficiency & Web Mastery At Your Fingertips

Breakdance empowers agencies with global style management and streamlined workflows. Say goodbye to pesky add-on plugins; build fast, captivating websites that have clients coming back for more!

Premium Templates

Save Thousands Of Design Hours With Breakdance Templates.

Create accessible, responsive dropdown menus inside Breakdance.

Complete websites

Hundreds of fully responsive ready-made full website templates for every industry

UI Kits

Choose from over 100 UI layout components to customize and create your website.

One Click Import

Easily import templates with a simple click and drag and drop interface.

Easy Editing

With Breakdance under the hood, you have complete control over customizing every aspect of your template.
Full site editing

Build anything you can imagine visually.

Design your website visually with templates, headers, footers, and more.

Edit Everything

With Breakdance, you can build every part of your website visually, without needing to know how to code.

Conditional Display

Show or hide anything based of the most advanced suite of website conditions. Everything from user status, time, referrer, session count and much time.

Global Blocks

Make anything on your site a global block and then re-use it everywhere. Make edits in one place and they'll take effect everywhere the global block is used.

Every Web Element

140+ Premium Elements optimized for performance! Feeling overwhelmed by plugins? Breakdance Elements contain all the features you need.

Modern Workflows

Searchable panels, keyboard shortcuts, revision history, undo/redo and so many more workflow features to keep you moving quickly.

Responsive by default

All elements in Breakdance are responsive by default and will look great at any screen size.
Global settings

Control all of your styles and theme from one place.

Control colors, typography, forms, and much more from a single location.

Get On Brand Fast

Set up your typography and color palette once and use it across your entire site.

Color Palette

Create unlimited global colors and apply them to any element in one click.


Style every part of WooCommerce from a central location.

Powerful Typography

Create global, responsive typography in just a few clicks, and manage typography presets.

Button Variants

Choose any Google Font, use any 3rd party provider like Adobe Fonts, or upload your own.

Global Code

Create beautiful scrolling, sticky, and entrance animations.
Advanced Functions

All-in-one platform

Free yourself from dozens of wordpress plugins and the potential conflicts they cause. Breakdance has it all built-in.

Form Builder

Build any type of form imaginable with powerful form fields. Everything from file uploads, multi-step, email integrations and much more.

Menu Builder

Create accessible, responsive mega menus inside Breakdance drag and drop.

Header Builder

Easily make your header sticky on scroll, animate in and out of view, overlay over content, search your website and conditionally display to specific users.


Build and edit everything from product pages, cateogories, archives, checkouts and more. All with no-code.

Dynamic Data

Connect your database and visually link it to your design elements. Then build dynamic websites visually using loops and repeaters

Post Loop Builder

Create designs that apply to loops of posts or any custom post type. Visually build gruds, lists, sliders, post types, queries, pagination and more.
Speed & Optimizations

Built for performance

Breakdance's output is clean and free of unnecessary bloat, which is why they load quickly and score so well on Google Lighthouse.

Built-In Caching

Breakdance caches all static CSS whenever you save your page. 

Built-in Bloat Eliminator

Disable default legacy WordPress bloat that is unnecessary on modern websites in one click.

Optimized Images

Breakdance uses the img srcset and sizes functionality built-in to WordPress

Clean Code

Breakdance's HTML structure is similar to what a highly skilled developer would hand-code.

Lazy Load Everywhere

Easily set images and embedded videos to lazy load, so they don't slow down your initial load.

CDN Ready

Easily link your site to a CDN. Breakdance is fully compatible with all CDNs.

Connect to anything

By taking advantage of our ever-growing list of integrated tools, you can rest assured that your form submissions will be put to good use and will help you achieve your goals more efficiently than ever before.

Lead Management

Manage form submissions in the WP admin, or connect to your favorite marketing tools.

Conditional Fields

Show or hide form fields based on the value of another field in your form.

Multi-Step Forms

Multi-step forms can be a powerful tool for increasing website conversion rates.

Dynamic Data

Include dynamic data such as UTM tags in your forms through hidden fields.

Field Types

14 different field types makes it easy to create user-friendly forms.

No Spam

Built-in honeypot and an optional ReCaptcha integration stop spammers in their tracks.

Start building incredible websites today

Use on as many sites as you want. There is no limit.

The possibilities are endless..

Breakdance gives you the power and flexibility to quickly and easily create engaging websites for every type of brand and business.

Business Sites

Create a striking online presence that elevates your brand—effortlessly manage styles, global settings, and tailor browsing experiences to delight your audience.


Craft comprehensive directories and listings that make finding the right information a breeze—highlight businesses, services, or events your visitors crave.

Real Estate

Elevate property listings with striking designs—utilize Breakdance's customization tools to create an unforgettable real estate browsing experience.


Showcase your talent in style with stunning pre-built templates designed to impress—customize each project for a unique and irresistible display of your best work.


Design stunning blog layouts, manage content effortlessly, and captivate your readers with fast-loading pages that keep them hooked on every word.

Travel & Booking

Delight travelers with stunning visuals, smooth booking systems, and impressively detailed trip planning resources in a fully customizable, user-friendly package.


Unlock Breakdance's deep WooCommerce integration, build product pages that entice your customers, and satisfy all your online selling needs with zero hassle.

Landing Pages

Build and optimize landing pages that instantly grab attention and convert visitors into customers—monitor performance to fine-tune your success.

Personal Brand

Establish your place in the online world with a personal brand website that showcases your expertise, services, and passions—catapult your success to new heights!

Breakdance is trusted by thousands

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Georg Von Cederbörg
Creative Professional

Start building incredible websites today

  • Use on unlimited sites
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Create, customize and launch in minutes

Choose from our high converting templates or build from scratch then create and customize everything to match your offer and website brand with drag and drop simplicity.

Basic Elements

Rich Text

Block Elements

Animated Heading
Basic List
Basic Slider
Business Hours
Checkmark List
Countdown Timer
Countdown Timer
Dual Heading
Fancy Divider
Google Map
Icon Box
Icon List
Image Accordion
Image Box
Image Comparison
Image Hover Card
Image With Zoom
Logo List
Lottie Animation
Notification Bar
Pricing Table
Progress Bar
Scrolling Image
Simple Counter
Simple Testimonial
Star Rating
Stats Grid

Site Elements

Header Builder
Menu Builder
Popup Builder
WordPress Menu
Search Form

Advanced Elements

Advanced Slider
Advanced Tabs
Advanced Accordion
Custom Code
Global Block

Start building incredible websites today

  • Use on unlimited sites
  • Use on websites you build for clients
  • Premium support

Dynamic Elements

Post Loop Builder
Repeater Field
Posts List
Adjacent Posts
Page Title
Comments List
Post Content
Post Excerpt
Featured Image
Post Meta
Template Content

Form Elements

Form Builder
Forgot Password
Login Form
Sign Up Form
Comment Form

Social Elements

Facebook Comments
Facebook Like
Facebook Page Plugin
Facebook Share
Facebook Video
Twitter Button
Twitter Embed
Twitter Timeline
Social Links
Social Share Buttons
Instagram Post

"We were able to significantly expand our capacity for web projects... our work processes have been greatly improved and simplified."

Christoph Lindhauer
Agency Founder @ f5.design

Product Elements

Add To Cart Button
Product Images
Product Information
Product Meta
Product Price
Product Rating
Product Stock
Product Tabs
Product Title
Product Excerpt
Product Description
Product Reviews
Related Products
Upsell Products
Product Builder
Quantity Input

Shop Elements

Order Tracking
Shopping Cart
Shop Page
Product Page
Checkout Page

Checkout Elements

Billing Form
Coupon Form
Login Form
Order Summary
Shipping Form

Cart Elements

Cart Contents
Cross Sells
Cart Totals

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  • Workflow & shortcuts
  • Auto-responsive layouts
  • Color palettes
  • WooCommerce integrations
  • Global code manager
  • Form builder
  • Menu builder
  • Header builder
  • Dynamic data
  • Loop builder
  • Performance caching
  • Bloat eliminator
  • CDN ready
  • Lead management
  • Conditional fields
  • Multi-step forms
  • File uploads
  • ReCaptcha
  • and more...

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