Creator Guidelines

Below are creator guidelines for various types of content that can be submitted for publishing on

Following these guidelines gives your creations a greater chance of being published on our platform.

Video Tutorials

We look for the following qualities in tutorials published on our platform.

  • Narration: Audible narration helps users to follow along with a tutorial. Non-narrated videos are unlikely to be published.
  • Video Quality: High quality audio and visuals are expected and required. Grainy screen recordings or other quality issues will diminish the chance of getting published.
  • Concept: Your video tutorial's concept should be interesting and useful. Avoid overly simple topics (e.g. "How To Create A Link") and make sure that the video provides actionable steps that will help the viewer improve their work or achieve some specific goal.
  • Title: Your title should be concise, describe the content of the video, and should not include "Breakdance." Note that this only applies to the title of the video as submitted on - your YouTube video title should absolutely include "Breakdance."
  • Description: Your video description should summarize the content of your video in about one paragraph. Keep it simple and to the point - the description area on is not meant to contain the amount of content that the video description box on YouTube can.
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