September 5, 2022

Breakdance Release Candidate 1

Breakdance Release Candidate 1 is now available.

Changes that are likely to affect the behavior of your existing design are listed below in red.

Polish & Fixes

  • Buttons – allow responsive button sizes (BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY WARNING:
  • Global Styles – forms – improve full width submit button option on responsive
  • Global Styles – fix global styling controls for active WooCommerce form fields
  • Global Styles – fix transition duration for button effects
  • Global Styles – fix products per row not always respecting global at certain breakpoints
  • Popups – fix IO-TS errors in certain circumstances
  • Dynamic Data – add support for the_author_link
  • Column, Div, Wrapper Link – fix z-index issues when using an overlay background
  • Code Block – move CSS into inline style tag in the body instead of the head, fix double quotes
  • Section – fix dynamically set background image not showing on media queries

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