August 13, 2022

Breakdance Beta 7

Breakdance Beta 7 is now available.

We renamed and tweaked a number of element properties. Any designs that use the properties that we moved, removed, or renamed will no longer look exactly the same. You will have to open up your design in Breakdance and set the property again. See below for a list of elements that were tweaked.

Sign up for free to test the beta here or login to the portal to download the beta.

Popups Polish

  • control popup on link click
  • control popup on form submission
  • fix inability to disable the overlay
  • fix page load trigger delay
  • make it scrollable by default
  • fix console error if close button was disabled
  • fix class control not working
  • prevent empty id attribute

WooCommerce Polish & Fixes

  • mini cart – general polish
  • mini cart – i18n
  • mini cart – fix reversed left and right dropdown position
  • product – upsells / cross-sells not displaying until toggling the option
  • product price – polish
  • cart – general polish
  • cart – don’t add bg color to totals wrapper
  • cart – thumbnail wrapper not scalling when the images sizes changes
  • cart – cross sells – better product wrapper options
  • cart – fix responsive thumbnail size
  • checkout – fix separator options not working
  • shop filters – fix chip hover color

Element Polish & Fixes

  • forms – fix submit button design options not working
  • forms – control container width
  • basic list – add list-style-type: none option
  • basic list – allow list items to be links
  • section – fix background slide duration not working
  • section – more HTML tag choices
  • section – remove extra div output even when overlay is empty
  • section – shape divider – add responsive width/height
  • gallery – remove console logs
  • gallery – add space below filter bar control
  • simple counter: make it work in safari
  • text link – add heading tag support
  • adjacent posts – prevent parent text align from affecting layout
  • pagination – enable media query for space between
  • div – more HTML tag choices
  • classes & selectors – typography supports effects and align

Dynamic Data Polish

  • allow using custom fields for all dynamic field types
  • allow pulling image at specific index out of a gallery
  • add post permalink field
  • archive title – add option to disable prefix
  • fixed notice when ‘target’ wasn’t set on toolset link field – set default target to _self
  • fixed post date formatters not working
  • removed redundant HTML return type
  • removed redundant properties from ImageData object and added PHPDocs to the properties
  • added PHPDocs to OembedData object
  • fixed toolset post reference field’s incorrect slug
  • fixed not registering post object field for ACF
  • fixed post object not applying attribute selections (e.g date/time formats)
  • made acf/toolset post objects default to the post title
  • ui polish

Other Polish & Fixes

  • global block editing – don’t show header, footer, or template
  • forms – fix conditional fields being required even when they were hidden
  • fix broken fonts CSS after migrating site to a new URL
  • check that global $post exists before using it
  • fix 404 error until changing preview if last previewed item was trashed
  • Element Studio – add more HTML tag choices
  • Element Studio – clean whitespace for better git diffs
  • Rich Text – fix text editor in Safari
  • security – don’t simulate the_content by default
  • image cropper – use complete uploads directory path
  • image cropper – support blank width/height
  • fixed inability to open builder when Polylang or Co-Authors Plus plugins were active

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