Breakdance AI Beta Now Available

August 8, 2022

Breakdance Beta 6

Breakdance Beta 6 is now available.

We renamed and tweaked a number of element properties. Any designs that use the properties that we moved, removed, or renamed will no longer look exactly the same. You will have to open up your design in Breakdance and set the property again. See below for a list of elements that were tweaked.

Sign up for free to test the beta here or login to the portal to download the beta.

New Features

  • Post Loop Builder (Video)
  • Design Library (Video)
  • User Design Library
  • Revisions for Global Settings & Selectors

Menu Builder Polish

  • Top-level dropdowns as links: hide arrow and open on hover only
  • Top-level dropdowns as links: only navigate to the link on desktop. On mobile they only expand/collapse.
  • Tweak dropdown width behavior
  • Miscellaneous polish and fixes

Popups Polish

  • Add “limit how often this popup” shows option, with individual counts for per page load, per session, and forever
  • Add breakpoints condition
  • Fix popups with animations but no triggers always showing on the frontend
  • Better animations / animations previews

WooCommerce Polish & Fixes

  • Shop Filters – fix attributes not showing
  • Product Categories Woo Widget – fix options not working
  • Mini Cart – enable breakpoints for many spacing controls
  • Product Cart Button – various spacing control tweaks
  • Product Reviews – space after title tweaks
  • Shop Filters: enable breakpoints for numerous controls
  • Account Page – enable breakpoints for gap
  • Account Page – enable breakpoints for space between tabs
  • Order Tracking – enable breakpoints for width
  • Breadcrumb – responsive spacing
  • Products List – enable breakpoints for below title
  • Products List – change space between products layout
  • Product Rating – enable breakpoints for stacking
  • Product Meta – enable breakpoints for spacing
  • Product Cart Button – rename sale price to old price
  • Product Tabs – remove unnecessary content typography controls
  • Product Images – add disable options for zoom icon and sale badge
  • Products List – vertical layout for space between products control
  • Woo Widget – remove legacy widgets for recently viewed products, tag cloud, and products list

Element Polish

  • Logo List – fix
  • Search Form – enable breakpoints for some controls
  • Animated Heading – polish
  • Advanced Slider – good defaults
  • Advanced Slide –  fix height
  • Login Form – custom lost password page url
  • Post List – add more custom HTML tags
  • Basic Slider – fix broken typography controls
  • Image Box – add custom HTML tag support for title
  • Icon Box – add custom HTML tag support for title
  • Icon List – remove hard-coded default font size/weight

Other Polish & Fixes

  • remove confusing customizer notice
  • spacing_padding_all / spacing_margin_all – vertical layout
  • border complex: don’t support gradient borders
  • fix include path that was causing PHP errors on certain environments
  • fix – templating trying to access non existent postType for archives
  • automatically handle generating and clearing the CSS cache when updating the plugin
  • actions – correctly trigger “deleted” actions and for all elements
  • form actions – various fixes
  • form builder – escape option values
  • forms – fix responsive behavior
  • presets – add popout layout back to some presets that were broken in beta 5
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