Breakdance AI Beta Now Available

July 30, 2022

Breakdance Beta 5

Breakdance Beta 5 is now available.

When you activate beta 5 for the first time, you will need to follow the prompt to regenerate your CSS cache.

We renamed and tweaked a number of element properties. Any designs that use the properties that we moved, removed, or renamed will no longer look exactly the same. You will have to open up your design in Breakdance and set the property again. For a list of elements that were tweaked, read the list below.

Thank you to everyone who reported bugs for Breakdance at

Thank you to everyone who has provided our support team with WP admin login details so we could solve problems that only took place on certain hosting environments.

We couldn’t get things done this quickly without your help!

Sign up for free to test the beta here or login to the portal to download the beta.

WooCommerce Polish

  • Dynamic Data – use current product by default
  • Product Tabs – fix
  • Products Lists – add styling options for the product wrapper
  • Products List – fix divide by 0 error on certain environments
  • Products List – fix display of ratings when review count was present
  • Products List – fix typography options
  • Products List – make spacing and order controls responsive
  • Products List – prevent unnecessary SSR
  • Checkout – fix notification messages responsive behavior
  • Cart – fix totals position
  • Cart – fix totals order responsive behavior
  • Cart – fix sticky cart not working
  • Cart – fix backorder_notification margin
  • Checkout – enable breakpoints for spacing controls
  • Products – fix vertical stacking for variation price ranges
  • Product Reviews – add responsive properties, fix spacing, fix title typography layout
  • Cart Page – backorder_notification has too much margin
  • Headings – remove incorrect display: flex tag
  • Breadcrumb – fix text wrap caused by incorrect use of flexbox

Popups Polish

  • Don’t listen for click events in builder
  • Implement scroll up trigger
  • Remove delay and limit options from exit intent trigger

Menu Builder Polish

  • Add support for top-level links on dropdowns
  • Add slide-in from right option to off-canvas menu
  • Add per-link graphic controls
  • Add support for custom toggle icons
  • Add Additional Section > Padding control
  • Better responsive behavior
  • Fix border between dropdown links not appearing on mobile
  • Fix dropdown caret appearing behind shadow
  • Fix default opacity on dropdown link description
  • Fix default fill on link graphics
  • Firefox only – avoid rotating mask-image (CSS) rendering outlines of arrow icon
  • Disable typography presets for mobile links
  • Remove “dropdowns like desktop” option

Element Polish

  • Section – fix background video mobile playback / inability to disable background videos on moible
  • Section – background slideshow – add effect duration to
  • Gallery – remove hardcoded default background
  • Fancy Testimonial – polish & fixes
  • Icon Box – fix “top at” option
  • Header Builder – fix JS errors on element deletion
  • Heading – remove hard-coded default line-height
  • Star Rating – fix frontend display
  • Checkmark List – support icon color
  • Frequently Asked Questions – add icon color controls
  • Stats Grid – add ability to use without icons
  • Blockquote – allow non-italic text
  • Animated Heading – remove margin
  • Video – better responsive behavior
  • Basic Slider – add content width control
  • Tabs – fixes
  • Social Share Icons – polish
  • Fancy Divider – width control
  • Section – remove margin left and right
  • Section – rename custom_width to container_width (backwards compatibility: sections that set a custom width will now use the default width. The custom width will need to be set again in the UI.)

Other Polish & Fixes

  • Polish – change .essential-elements CSS prefix to .bde – now element class names will be .bde-section, .bde-heading, etc.
  • Polish – Text Transform – add “none” option
  • Fix – unloading iframe didn’t trigger “something navigated you away” message
  • Fix – elements that display avatars
  • Fix – Dynamic Data – fix missing data points (i.e. featured image wasn’t appearing due to a bug we introduced in beta 4)
  • Fix – allow empty HTML ID
  • Fix – server side rendered elements not re-rendering
  • Fix – empty dependency errors
  • Fix – lightbox links not opening lightbox
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