Breakdance 2.0 Beta 1 Now Available

August 24, 2022

Breakdance Beta 10

Breakdance Beta 10 is now available.

There are backwards compatibility breaks to be aware of:

  • We changed the CSS prefix to “bde” for almost all CSS variables and top-level classes.
  • We renamed and tweaked a number of element properties. Any designs that use the properties that we moved, removed, or renamed will no longer look exactly the same. You will have to open up your design in Breakdance and set the property again. See below for a list of elements and properties that were tweaked.

Sign up for free to test the beta here or login to the portal to download the beta.

Polish, Fixes, and Additions

  • Properties Panel Search – hide results from Advanced tab by default
  • Dynamic Data – adds the ability for ACF and Toolset URL fields to return imageData compatible with image elements
  • Use better build filenames
  • Enable more element display conditions for elements inside headers, footers, and global blocks
  • Rename more classes and variables to use “bde-” prefix
  • Don’t allow creating templates with 0 priority
  • Fix – Breakdance launcher won’t open Breakdance or won’t appear in certain circumstances
  • Fix – “404 – please resave permalinks” error after initial plugin activation
  • Fix – PHP 8.1 compatibility
  • Fix – Link – stripe line break tags from link URLs
  • Fix – form submissions showing PHP notices
  • Fix – clipboard / copy-paste problems in Safari and Firefox
  • Fix – Form Builder – fix broken ReCAPTCHA custom API key unable to validate
  • Fix – Query Builder – conditions field resetting in certain cases
  • Fix – Global Styles – browse mode – fix preview when changing fonts and then navigating to another page
  • Element Studio – support img tag as root tag for elements
  • Element Studio – handle repeaters correctly in presets


Element Polish, Fixes, and Additions

  • HTML IMG – new element – it’s an img tag and the ability to set attributes manually
  • Menu Builder – add missing border between columns in mobile menu
  • Search Form – extensive polish
  • Video – fix lazy load poster
  • Section – add video background position controls
  • Post Loop Builder & Posts List – fix default link styles
  • Post List – use Breakdance-designed content if it is present for the post
  • Image – fix custom image mask causing 404 error when parsing CSS
  • Login Form – SSR correctly when changing labels
  • Popups – remove beta warning
  • Popups – fix click selector not working inside a Swiper slide
  • Logo List – various enhancements
  • Pricing Table – significant enhancements and tweaks that will mean you will have to reset some design options for your existing Pricing Table elements
  • Mini Cart – better compatibility with Global Settings
  • Section – don’t load video dependencies in builder unnecessarily
  • Columns – use correct CSS calc expression for width calculation
  • Author – fix shrinking avatar
  • Comments List – fix displaying comments from the wrong post
  • Comments Form – show warning in builder when used on a post in draft mode
  • WP Menu – fix dropdown link typography styles not working
  • Product Tabs – fix responsive behavior for Vertical At
  • Mini Cart / Products List – temporary fix to prevent forbidden error on hosts with misconfigured security settings
  • Countdown Timer – fix redirect within the builder
  • Business Hours – use em for default font size
  • Checkmark List – use em for default font size
  • Comments list – use em for default font size
  • Fancy Testimonial – use em for default font size
  • Frequently Asked Questions – use em for default font size
  • Image Accordion – use em for default font size
  • Image Comparison – use em for default font size
  • Notification Bar – use em for default font size
  • Posts List – use em for default font size
  • Pricing Table – use em for default font size
  • Progress Bar – use em for default font size
  • Scrolling Image – use em for default size
  • Simple Testimonial – use em for default size
  • Social Share Buttons – use em for default size
  • Stats Grid – use em for default font size

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