February 17, 2023

Breakdance Alpha 2

Breakdance 1.0.0-alpha.2 is now available.

Sign up to test the alpha here or login to the portal to download the alpha.

You can expect backwards compatibility problems with any fields that use dynamic data. We moved some dynamic data options anymore and those fields may not work again until you open the dynamic data chooser again and re-choose your field.

Main fixes in alpha 2:

  • fix builder not opening when used in a subfolder
  • fix some bugs with WordPress Multi-Site
  • fix 403 forbidden error on numerous hosts

New feature:

  • Form Builder – add conditional field support (expect bugs)

Other changes:

  • remove annoying CSS linting from CodeMirror
  • added preference to control where popouts open
  • various fixes and polish related to dynamic data
  • improve Video element
  • better handling of newlines in text fields
  • improve event.preventDefault() usage for BuilderElement – this could introduce a number of yet to be discovered bugs, but improves UX issues related to focus (for example, without this fix, you couldn’t unfocus a form field, which would throw off keyboard shortcuts)
  • fix bug when using typography preset as global typography
  • fix classes & selectors panel display

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