Breakdance AI Beta Now Available

September 22, 2023

New Features In Breakdance 1.6

Hello, amazing creators and developers!

We’re excited to share that Breakdance 1.6 is now available in beta.

We’ve packed in new features, tweaks, and fixes that will make your website-building experience smoother, faster, and more creative.

Login to the customer portal to download Breakdance 1.6 beta 1.

We’re aiming to roll out the final version of Breakdance 1.6 in October.

Enhanced Search with WooCommerce & Custom Post Type Support

In this update, we’ve supercharged the Breakdance’s Search Form element.

Search WooCommerce Products & Custom Post Types

Now, you have the power to refine your search results even further. With the new update, you can add an option in the Search Form element to display results from a specific post type. This means if you want your users to only see blog posts or product listings or any other custom post type in their search results, you can easily set that up.

Combine search with Breakdance’s elements for WooCommerce filtering

The Breakdance Search Form element seamlessly works hand-in-hand with our specialized elements for WooCommerce filtering. When users navigate through your WooCommerce store, they can effortlessly filter and refine their search results. Whether they’re looking for a particular product category, price range, or other attributes, our search functionality streamlines the shopping experience, guiding users to their desired products with ease.

In our recent update, we’ve bolstered the connection between the Breakdance Search Form element and our specialized elements for WooCommerce filtering. This enhancement ensures that when users browse your WooCommerce store, they can effortlessly filter and refine their search results. Be it a specific product category, price range, or other attributes, these filters can be integrated with the search results page users are taken to after searching with the upgraded Search Form Element. Our upgraded search functionality streamlines the shopping experience, making product discovery straightforward and efficient.

Smoothly integrate with third-party plugins like FacetWP and WP Grid Builder for added filtering capabilities

The Breakdance Search Form element is designed to integrate with popular third-party plugins, specifically FacetWP and WP Grid Builder. This integration provides users with enriched filtering capabilities, ensuring that they can access more refined and precise search results.

Accessibility Improvements for the Search Form

We believe in creating a web that’s accessible to all. To this end, we’ve addressed and fixed the A11Y issues related to the Search Form, ensuring no duplicate IDs and adding missing a aria-label. This not only enhances the user experience for those using screen readers but also makes it easier to ensure your website is compliant with accessibility standards.

New “WP_Query Found Posts Count” Condition

Ever wanted to display a custom message when no posts match the search criteria? Now you can. With the addition of the WP_Query Found Posts Count condition in the Element Display Conditions, you can set up your website to show a specific message or element if no posts are found. This feature is especially useful for sites with dynamic content, ensuring users always have context, even when their search yields no results.

Duplicate & Active Toggles for Templates, Headers, Footers, & Popups

Creating templates for your website’s headers, footers, popups, and global blocks has never been easier. With the new Duplicate and Active Toggle features, you can clone your templates in a snap and easily switch between them.

Beta Support for PHP 8.2

We’re excited to introduce beta support for PHP 8.2. Although WordPress is still in the beta phase for this PHP version, we’re gearing up to offer full support as soon as WordPress is on board. If you encounter any Breakdance-related issues with PHP 8.2, please let us know.

Enhancing Client Mode

We’ve refined Client Mode in Breakdance 1.6.

We’ve fixed an issue where editors could choose to edit a Breakdance post with the default editor.

We’ve also granted access for editors to manage Breakdance form submissions – even if they don’t have access to Breakdance itself.

Editors will now have a more streamlined experience, ensuring they can’t tamper with your design while still having the access they need.

Enhanced Error Dialogs

Building a website can sometimes be met with unforeseen errors. It could be a wonky plugin, a hosting hiccup, or just some tech gremlins messing around.

With Breakdance 1.6, we’re stepping it up with a snazzier error dialog. It gives you the nitty-gritty details. The best part? If you’re scratching your head, there’s now a one-click button to whip up an email to your hosting provider or support peeps.

So, no more tech-induced headaches. We’ve got your back, helping you sort out those pesky issues in no time.

Complete Changelog

New Features

  • Duplicate & Active Toggle for Templates (and Headers, Footers, Popups, & Global Blocks)
  • Search Form – support custom post types, ensure integration with Woo filters, FacetWP, WP Grid Builder, and any search results page in WordPress

Other Polish & Fixes

  • Popups – Improve Hashlink Autoclose Behavior
  • Popups – Pause Videos On Close
  • Popups – Add Open/Close Action API
  • Client Mode Polish
  • Various PHP 8.x Fixes
  • Template Previewable Items: Improve Logic
  • Nothing to Preview Notice – remove misleading colors
  • Better error dialog
  • Maintenance Mode – Correctly Set 503 Header
  • Make Global Settings > Advanced > Body Font Family Apply Correctly In Media Queries
  • Global Colors: use uuid in CSS variable names
  • Caching: call clean_post_cache after saving
  • Code Block: PHP & HTML Label
  • Template Settings: Fix Typo
  • Template Settings: Fix IO-TS Error(s)
  • Dropdowns: add 100vh max height
  • Fix Clipboard Console Error
  • Link Input – Support string URLs
  • Class Input – Enter to Add Class

Element Enhancements

  • Gallery: add option to disable srcset & sizes for thumbnails
  • Mini Cart – Options to Hide Subtotal / Qty When Empty
  • Lightbox: show close button on mobile
  • Mini Cart: fix default text-align
  • Pricing Table: customize HTML tag for title
  • Simple Counter: customize title & number HTML tags
  • Div, Grid, Wrapper Link: improve background responsive behavior
  • Text Button Custom Icon Arrows – correct default styles
  • Progress Bar: support dynamic progress percentage
  • Video: remove overflow: hidden
  • Text Colors control sections for container-type elements: deprecate
  • Menu Dropdown – Add missing link options
  • Menu Builder – Disable Scrolling The Page When in Offcanvas / Fullscreen Mode
  • Menu Builder – Typography hover effect not applying to dropdown arrow
  • Menu Builder – On Mobile, Menu Stays Open When Parent Sticky Header Is Hidden: tested, solved
  • Menu Builder – Touch Action Prevents Scrolling
  • Menu Builder – Menu Dropdown – Missing Options For Opening in New Tab, Etc: solved
  • Menu Builder – Safari – this.getAllToggle().at is not a function
  • Loop Builder compatibility – Use unique slugs for IDs
  • Star Rating – Support for Never Vertical At Option
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