August 10, 2023

Breakdance 1.5 Beta 1

Breakdance 1.5 beta 1 is now available.

Login to the customer portal to download Breakdance 1.5 beta 1.

New Features

  • Post Loop Builder: Support Interspersing Multiple Global Blocks To Vary The Design
  • CSS Input – autofill with .breakdance .bde-rich-text-391-109
  • Dynamic Data “God Mode”

Polish, Fixes, and Enhancements

  • add “_breakdance_doing_ajax=yes” to URL of all ajax requests
  • fix ACF fields associated with posts inside loops on taxonomy archives
  • HTML IMG element – support dynamic data
  • Lightboxes – use correct image size
  • add WP_Error check when calling get_the_term_list
  • custom breakpoints – prevent problem when unsetting width value
  • forms – fix php closing tag output in admin panel for user agent value
  • licensing tweaks
  • fix class “Breakdance\Licensing\stdClass” not found on certain environments
  • menu builder – improve behavior inside design library iframe
  • menu builder – polish
  • menu builder – clean up duplicated media queries
  • menu builder – fix hide by breakpoint option for menu button element
  • copy-paste: prevent pasting until all builder elements are loaded
  • fix query builder conditions when using infinite scroll / load more pagination
  • fix typography presets behavior in certain woocommerce elements
  • prevent problems with custom link actions being left empty
  • table of contents element – fix behavior when headings are inside divs with “position: relative” css
  • table of contents element – fix behavior inside iframes if heading contains child element
  • table of contents element – updated anchor format from #heading-toc-2 to #actual-heading-content
  • table of contents element – use nav tag instead of div
  • table of contents element – add aria-label for a11y
  • search form – fix search button icon disappearing for certain button sizes on mobile safari
  • posts list pagination styles – generally improve styles and mobile behavior
  • accordion element – make title input bigger
  • woocommerce filter products by rating – fix typo in CSS variable name for star size
  • fix in-builder JavaScript warnings from Swiper sliders when SSRing
  • remove beta label from meta query (it wasn’t in beta, the label shouldn’t have been there)
  • remove beta label from tooltip element (it wasn’t in beta, the label shouldn’t have been there)

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