February 17, 2023

Breakdance 1.2

Breakdance 1.2 is now available.

Login to the customer portal to download Breakdance 1.2.

General Features

  • Design Library – Complete Website Templates
  • Query Builder – Add Advanced Custom Fields Relationship Support

Dynamic Data Polish & Fixes

  • Repeaters – add conditions for is empty / is not empty
  • ACF – support using email field in links
  • Add ability to truncate / limit characters for all string fields
  • Added ACF Post Featured Image field, so you can access the featured image from the post selected in an ACF Post Object field
  • Fix is empty / is not empty condition for non-string fields such as video
  • Conditions – add current month condition
  • Fix missing ACF fields when editing template dynamic data condition
  • Various Google Map fixes
  • Basic List – add dynamic data support

Other Fixes & Polish

  • Reduce memory usage
  • Fixed Swiper JS Errors In Builder
  • Fixed Slider Link Action Not Working For Looped Sliders
  • Make Gallery Slider inside Global Block work inside Loop Builder
  • Product Builder – better grouped product styles
  • Fix – Allow Advanced Tabs To Be Nested
  • Add HTML Tag Choice to Post List elements
  • WooCo Cart – Make Variations Table Look Better
  • Columns – Set Column Count Correctly When 50% Width Is Set
  • Content Toggle – fix invalid CSS for active style
  • Form Builder – input widths break in multi-step forms
  • Form Builder – enable breakpoints for form width
  • Simple Counter – JS Error When Dragging In Builder
  • Fix Pagination Styles When Space Between Isn’t Set
  • Pricing Table – allow not having a title
  • Dual Heading – fix JS errors in builder
  • Scroll Progress – fix scroll tracking at very top of page
  • Comments List – add appropriate WordPress default classes
  • Cart Cross Sells – fix inability to enable / disable certain elements
  • Gradient Picker – allow numeric input for rotation
  • Make Scroll Animations Work In Tabs
  • Menu Builder – fix inability to horizontally center links in dropdowns on mobile devices
  • Text & Rich Text – fix default text color
  • Shape Dividers – fix divider being flipped upside down when flipping horizontally
  • Update refresh nonce to be sent in response headers instead of response body
  • Rich Text – fix spacing issues on “view” mode when saving the HTML without stripping line breaks
  • Rich Text – allow the target, rel, and title attributes to be optionally removed on the “HTML” mode

The above is a mostly complete list of fixes and tweaks in 1.2. For additional details, please consult the bug tracker.

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