Breakdance 2.0 Beta 1 Now Available

December 22, 2022

Breakdance 1.2 Beta 1

Breakdance 1.2 beta 1 is now available.

Login to the customer portal to download the beta.

General Features

  • Design Library – Complete Website Templates
  • Query Builder – Add Advanced Custom Fields Relationship Support

Dynamic Data Polish & Fixes

  • Repeaters – add conditions for is empty / is not empty
  • ACF – support using email field in links
  • Add ability to truncate / limit characters for all string fields
  • Added ACF Post Featured Image field, so you can access the featured image from the post selected in an ACF Post Object field
  • Fix is empty / is not empty condition for non-string fields such as video
  • Conditions – add current month condition
  • Fix missing ACF fields when editing template dynamic data condition
  • Various Google Map fixes
  • Basic List – add dynamic data support

Other Fixes & Polish

  • Reduce memory usage
  • Fixed Swiper JS Errors In Builder
  • Fixed Slider Link Action Not Working For Looped Sliders
  • Make Gallery Slider inside Global Block work inside Loop Builder
  • Product Builder – better grouped product styles
  • Fix – Allow Advanced Tabs To Be Nested
  • Add HTML Tag Choice to Post List elements
  • WooCo Cart – Make Variations Table Look Better
  • Columns – Set Column Count Correctly When 50% Width Is Set
  • Content Toggle – fix invalid CSS for active style
  • Form Builder – input widths break in multi-step forms
  • Form Builder – enable breakpoints for form width
  • Simple Counter – JS Error When Dragging In Builder
  • Fix Pagination Styles When Space Between Isn’t Set
  • Pricing Table – allow not having a title
  • Dual Heading – fix JS errors in builder
  • Scroll Progress – fix scroll tracking at very top of page
  • Comments List – add appropriate WordPress default classes
  • Cart Cross Sells – fix inability to enable / disable certain elements
  • Gradient Picker – allow numeric input for rotation
  • Make Scroll Animations Work In Tabs
  • Menu Builder – fix inability to horizontally center links in dropdowns on mobile devices
  • Text & Rich Text – fix default text color
  • Shape Dividers – fix divider being flipped upside down when flipping horizontally
  • Update refresh nonce to be sent in response headers instead of response body
  • Rich Text – fix spacing issues on “view” mode when saving the HTML without stripping line breaks
  • Rich Text – allow the target, rel, and title attributes to be optionally removed on the “HTML” mode

Breakdance 1.2 will also include other bug fixes and polishing enhancements. Please consult the bug tracker for details.

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