November 30, 2022

Breakdance 1.1

Breakdance 1.1 is now available with a ton of new features.

Login to the customer portal to download Breakdance 1.1.

General Features

  • Repeater Field Support for Advanced Custom Fields & Metabox
  • Multi-Step Forms with Form Builder
  • Draft Sections
  • Structure Panel Friendly Names

WooCommerce Features

  • Granular elements for WooCommerce Checkout
  • Granular elements for WooCommerce Cart
  • Enhanced Quantity Inputs Design
  • Quantity Inputs in Mini Cart
  • Optional Quantity Inputs in Products List
  • Products Lists as Sliders
  • Editable Areas for the Mini Cart

New Elements

  • SEO Breadcrumb for Yoast or RankMath
  • Content Toggle
  • Back To Top
  • Scroll Progress
  • Instagram Embed
  • Table Of Contents
  • Fancy Container
  • We now have 127 built-in elements!

Other New Features & Enhancements

  • Tabs elements – vertical mode
  • HTML Mode for Rich Text Editor
  • Additional Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Right Click Menu – Paste Settings
  • Refresh Button for Elements That Render On The Server
  • Slider Link Actions – Support Next Slide / Previous Slide
  • Plugin Template Compatibility for The Events Calendar and many other plugins
  • Video element polish, including a YouTube facade for much better load time performance when embedding YouTube videos

Bug Fixes

Breakdance 1.1 includes numerous bug fixes and polishing enhancements. Please consult the bug tracker and beta & RC blog posts for details.

Backwards Compatibility

Breakdance 1.1 is generally backwards compatible with 1.0, but there are some things to note.

  • Custom queries are now allowed on archive pages. In 1.0, if you set a custom query on archive page, you’d still get the default posts.
  • We made significant changes to the Video element for performance reasons – especially when embedding YouTube videos. 
  • We made various cosmetic tweaks to WooCommerce.
  • The WooCommerce Mini Cart now shows a Quantity Input field by default. If you don’t want this, you can disable it in the element’s settings.
  • The Posts List element now uses the article HTML tag by default.

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