Breakdance 2.0 Beta 1 Now Available

November 20, 2022

Breakdance 1.1 Beta 2

Breakdance 1.1 Beta 2 is now available. We plan to ship Breakdance 1.1 final in late November.

Login to the customer portal to download the beta.

Below is a mostly complete list of fixes and polish implemented between 1.1 beta 1 and 1.1 beta 2. Please consult the bug tracker for more details after 1.1 final is shipped.

Fixes, Polish & Enhancements

  • Maintenance Mode – fix
  • Global Settings Import – fix
  • Image – add aspect-ratio and object-fit
  • Mobile Menu – prevent top-level dropdown links with hash from closing the submenu
  • Popups – fix closed popups conflicting with other elements
  • Dual Heading – animate annotation on scroll
  • Products List – better support for custom queries
  • Login & Register Form – add WP hooks to Login & Register form elements, fix auto-login, enhance compatibility
  • ACF Repeaters – add support for ACF repeaters on ACF options pages
  • Privacy – add option to disable conditions that rely on tracking cookies to Breakdance > Settings > Privacy
  • Column – add Min Height control
  • Rich Text – automatically prettify HTML
  • Dynamic Data – page-specific ACF field groups weren’t appearing
  • Dynamic Data – make WooCo product price show a price range for variable products
  • Dynamic Data – make all fields available for headers, footers, and popups
  • Dynamic Data – allow setting link URL dynamically to WooCo Product Image
  • Form Builder – add developer hooks to affect frontend HTML output
  • Form Builder – improve consistency of input heights
  • Form Builder – fix message display in horizontal forms
  • Form Builder – fix fields with no labels not able to be inserted in Action fields
  • Form Builder – show hidden input values when viewing a form submission
  • Form Builder – fix old errors not being removed on submission
  • Form Builder – fix inability to customize field width with a multi-step form
  • Gallery – display captions set in WP media library if available
  • Woo – Related / Upsell / Cross-Sells – add slider layout option
  • Gallery – add responsive control for gap
  • Popups – make translate X/Y responsive
  • Sticky Animations – make offset responsive
  • Popup Link Actions – show all popups, not just the first 5
  • WooCommerce – various cosmetic tweaks
  • WooCommerce Quantity Inputs – general polish & fixes
  • Table Of Contents element – polish & fixes
  • Content Toggle – polish & fixes
  • Gallery – fix “Multiple” Gallery inside Advanced Tabs breaks when switching between galleries
  • WooCommerce Granular Cart elements – polish & fixes
  • SSR Element Refresh Button – fix styles not updating if HTML hasn’t changed
  • Templating Conditions – make breakpoints condition only appear for popups
  • Posts List – use article HTML tag
  • Change Mini-Cart Heading tag to H6
  • Lightbox – prevent slide duplication when clicking links
  • Product Builder – JS errors in builder when activating tabs
  • Post Loop Builder – fix gradient image overlays in global blocks not appearing
  • Scrolling Image element – fix image not appearing on frontend
  • Sections – fix auto-pausing of video background when out of view
  • Mini Cart – fix invalid HTML
  • Posts List – fix invalid HTML
  • Fix “array_filter() expects parameter 1 to be array, bool given” error that appeared in rare circumstances when saving
  • Fix memory leak when using sticky animations
  • Nonces / AJAX – auto-extend nonce lifetime
  • Nonces / AJAX – fix some AJAX requests broken by addition of nonces in 1.1 beta 1
  • Element Studio – support multiple conditions for a control

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