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A cut above the rest.

At Soflyy, our team has been building WordPress websites and plugins for the last 15 years. At any given time, our products are installed on over 200,000 WordPress websites.

We've helped hundreds of thousands of clients create better websites. We've used every visual builder imaginable, and we really have seen it all.

We knew we could do better, so we created Breakdance — the best website creation platform for WordPress.

Breakdance has the best elements.

Our elements look better out of the box, and have more options for customization.
I am so impressed with the built-in elements in Breakdance. I had been using Elementor for a while and had spent a few hundred dollars on add-ons, but I actually found the elements in Breakdance to be better. They were more user-friendly and had more options, so I was able to create the exact look I wanted for my website.
Lilly Foletta
the best visual builder for woocommerce

Build beautiful stores in 10 minutes, not 10 days.

Build beautiful stores in 10 minutes, not 10 days. Those manual tweaks people do to improve aesthetics and optimize conversions? We already did them for you.

See the WooCommerce integration in action...

Building Beautiful WooCommerce Store Rapidly
Elementor vs Breakdance for WooCommerce
I'm not even a coder and I was able to put together a store that looked amazing - and it converts like crazy. I was able to do all of this in a fraction of the time it would have taken me using other platforms. And it's all thanks to Breakdance's WooCommerce integration. It's literally game-changing.
Tim Smith

20x lighter than other mainstream builders.

Breakdance has built-in performance optimization features and only loads what you put on the page.
"20x lighter than other mainstream builders" sounds like a lie so outlandish not even a marketer would tell it.

However, on October 15th 2022 we built a blank page with Elementor and the Elementor Hello Theme, and a blank page with Breakdance.

The Elementor page was ~680kb uncompressed. The Breakdance page was ~30Kb uncompressed.

Yes, we disabled Google Fonts for both. Yes, we enabled any available performance optimization options provided by each builder. We are fair. Do this test yourself and you'll get the same result.
I'm building my website with Breakdance. It's the first time I get 100/100 on Google PageSpeed Insights.
Georg Von Cederbörg
the highest quality headers & menus

The ultimate Header & Mega Menu Builder.

Build entirely custom responsive mega menu dropdowns in Breakdance. Build sticky and overlay headers in one click.
I've been a web designer for over ten years and, in that time, I've built sites for all kinds of businesses. One of the things that I'm always being asked to do is create a custom menu.  Building complicated menus is one of those things that can be both time-consuming and tricky to get just right - especially on mobile devices. I've been using Breakdance's menu builder for over 20 of my clients and it has just been so versatile. I'm able to customize each menu to fit each client's needs and wants, and they always come out looking amazing. It's just been such a lifesaver and I couldn't be happier with it.

Beginner & client friendly.

Marketers love to say their product is easy to use. Marketers also love to lie. So just read what our customers have to say.

I have tried my hand at other builders, and Breakdance is by absolute far the easiest to understand without any tutorials. 

Darryl Le Roux

I set up a site to play with Breakdance and had a complete web novice with me, watching, as part of my test of Breakdance.

I am so impressed by how easy this is to use, and how powerful.

It even made sense to the novice.

Avril Roy-Smith

I did not have to read any documentation or watch any videos to start building. It was obvious from the start.

Web Dev Artur

I can get the exact design I want without the need to add custom CSS or JS.

Joe Williams
Tribe SEO

This is certainly going to kick elementor off the top spot - fantastic builder that is so easy to use!

Ash from ArcherWebDesign.co.uk

It's a great balance between the simplicity of Elementor for non-developers but with the power features of Oxygen for those that want them.

I've found that even though the more advanced items take extra clicks to get to, it's so fast it ends up taking the same amount of time or LESS than doing the same edits on an Oxygen site.

Also, having advanced items hidden away is great for my clients who want to make basic edits and don't need to know those items even exist.

Nick Flowers

I'm into creating content and branding. I don't need to waste time with technical stuff. I need a solution that allows me to build my brand in no time and very easy. And Breakdance offers that.

Lucky Bravo

Very Powerful Form Builder

Contact, Login, Subscribe, Register, and more — Do it all with Breakdance
Integrate with your favorite 3rd party tools such as MailChimp, Drip, ActiveCampaign, MailerLite, and many more.

Build multi-step forms. Display fields conditionally. Style forms globally.

See why Breakdance has the best form builder...

breakdance. by soflyy

Built by WordPress veterans.

Breakdance is made by Soflyy. We're based in the United States and our team of 30 is spread across the globe.

At any given time, our products are installed on 200,000+ websites.

We've been building WordPress plugins for 15 years, and we've seen it all.

We built Breakdance because we wanted to create the best website creation platform for WordPress.

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