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Breakdance's clean code output and lightning fast load times keep visitors and search engine bots happy.
“I've been using Breakdance for months now & it's really been helping me automate my business from top to bottom. Plus there are a crazy amount of support videos on YouTube created by the Breakdance Team!”
Adam Levin
Director of Marketing
Breakdance is fast

Here's why Breakdance websites load so quickly

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Clean Code

100+ elements. Drag & drop editing. Building pages is easy with breakdance.

Lazy Load Everywhere

Design headers, footers, and templates with Breakdance. Theme optional.

CDN Ready

Easily create high-converting stores that match your brand using innovative features.

Advanced Caching

Create complex dropdown menus with the Breakdance drag & drop visual editor

Optimised Assets

Create contact, email subscribe, login, register, and custom forms inside Breakdance.

Built-in Bloat Eliminator

No bloat. Customizable HTML tags. SEO plugin compatibility.

Loves SEO Plugins

Everything you need to build beautiful websites. Innovative and powerful global styling controls.

Search Bot Friendly

Link element content to your WordPress database. ACF & Toolset integrations.

Mobile Friendly

Write PHP, HTML, CSS, and JS in Breakdance. Manage and edit CSS classes visually. Developer API documentation.

Bloat matters more than you might think

Some people say bloat doesn't matter, because after all, modern internet connections are fast. Running a 5Mb page through a performance testing tool with an extremely high speed internet connection could give a similar time as a 100Kb page, even though the 5Mb page is 50 times bigger.
But not every internet connection is always fast. Here's what happens to download time for 1Mb of data when connection speeds slow down.

Lifetime Support. Lifetime Updates. Pay once.

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Slow websites cost you business. True story.

Here's a chart from Google showing what happens to your bounce rate for every extra second it takes your page to load.
And slow websites will decrease your conversion rate. Even for the people that stay - they're less likely to purchase. Amazon did a study showing billions in lost revenue for every 1 second increase in load time.
“Never going back to any others...”
“Breakdance is a game changer...”
“Makes me rich and beautiful...”
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You are in good company

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Lighting speed,
See for yourself

Here's a screenshot of the load time of a page built with Breakdance with a 349 millisecond load times - with no caching or optimization plugins.

Lifetime Support. Lifetime Updates. Pay once.

30 Day Gurantee

Not 100% happy? Get a full refund anytime within 60 days of purchase.

Unlimited Site Licence

Use on as many sites as you want. There is no limit.

Use on Client Websites

Your license includes unlimited use on client websites.

Support & Updates

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