Undo & Revision Overview

Breakdance includes undo & redo for actions performed in the builder. You can find the undo & redo controls near the top right of the interface.

A screenshot showing the undo & redo controls near the top right of the Breakdance interface.

The back arrow icon will undo the most recent action. The right arrow icon will allow you to move forward through actions after you have undone at least one action.

History & Revisions

If you need to go beyond simple undo & redo, you can access a deeper history of changes under Settings (…) > History.

A screenshot showing the History and Revisions tab in the Breakdance interface.

There, you’ll find two tabs:

  • History: This tab shows changes that have been made during the current session. When you leave and come back to Breakdance, the revision history in this tab will be cleared.
  • Revisions: The Revisions tab shows a longer list of historical versions of the current design, allowing you to restore states from previous hours or days.