Breakdance’s GridbuilderWP allows you to use GridbuilderWP facets to filter and manipulate Breakdance’s post loop elements. The GridbuilderWP integration works with the following elements: Post List, Post Loop Builder, Products List, Shop Page.

Setting Up A Facet

Before you can use GridbuilderWP to manipulate Breakdance post loop elements, you’ll need to create a facet in GridbuilderWP’s settings.

To do that, go to GridbuilderWP > All Facets in the WordPress admin panel, then click Create A Facet.

Note: make sure that you’re choosing facet actions, types, and data that pertain to the list of posts that you will be filtering in Breakdance.

Using A Facet In Breakdance

To use a GridbuilderWP facet in Breakdance, click the Add button and search for “Gridbuilder,” then add the GridbuilderWP Facet element to the page.

Next, you’ll need a post loop element, such as Post List or Post Loop Builder. Once you’ve added a post loop element, go to the Design tab in its properties panel, expand the Gridbuilder WP accordion, and enable GridbuilderWP using the toggle. This will tell GridbuilderWP that the facets on the page should filter this post loop element.

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